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June 19, 2010


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I have seen so much awesome art here on dA that it all would never fit into a huge feature! but I just have to show others these awesome pieces of art made by some awesome deviants :D artists! prepare to be featured! :dummy:
Our Group :iconmmxj9: held a Fan art contest for both fans of Megaman X and Jenny (XJ9 from My Life As a Teenage Robot) telling them to depict them anyway they wanted to, and here is our winner!
Robo Lubby Dubby by jdog106 by :iconjdog106:
Congratulations on winning our 1st ever contest budd! :clap: I love the idea of Jenny falling for X :lol: most people drew these characters fighting each other, but you did what no one else even thought to do, Great work budd!! :clap:

Now for all the Megaman fans I will Feature some of the most awesome  drawings and art I've seen here on dA! :la:

''MegaMan Zero 3 - Two Sides'' by StreamX9 MegaMan Zero Collection Mythos by StreamX9 Iris Megman Zero Style by GBlastMan Zero's Drawing by TheKidOfDrawing Ninja ZERO Ver2 by furan-san DIE X JUST DIE by furan-san Zero by gts MegaMan's Destiny by StreamX9 Bass And Zero trough Flames by StreamX9 :thumb88672298: MegaMan Zero by StreamX9 Requets- Dark zero and Cookie by Keiteki YEAR 20XX by carra At last some time... by Soul-Rokkuman Stay with me forever _Prize_ by Soul-Rokkuman X Invierno with OP event by Soul-Rokkuman
MegaMan VS Zero by StreamX9 Valentine 2010 by Jet-Striker Practice 01 by s0ul-child Zero-VS-Colonel by StreamX9 Megaman Bead Sprite by Freyja713 ::Megaman X:: by Turboman

Congrats to all you guys for making so much phenomenal art works! The things I thought when I saw your works was WOW!, lol!, Thats Really Awesome!, and I wanna see more from this artist!! Keep it up guys! and enjoy your feature :D you've earned it! :dummy:

Now For the Mlaatr fans! :boogie:

:thumb167244974: Nine expressions of XJ-9 by odaleex :Sexy Jenny: by BlossomPPG Iron Man VS Jenny by SolidBlackCore 2 colored Jennys by SolidBlackCore GO Lunar rover GO by odaleex XJ9 by hagemegane :thumb124939400: Vexus Victorious by coyoteloon Valentine Stakeout by coyoteloon Jenny pose N8 by shadow2007x anime jenny WIP by 14-bis Reprogramed for fun - Cover by bbmbbf Jenny pose N3 by shadow2007x :thumb110000346:
XJ9 Jenny Colored by SpaceTimeDream :thumb155714254: Lineart - XJ-10 by NewEraOutlaw Jenny Downloading by XJKenny XJ-9 and Cube by Don-ko Cheering Jenny by Don-ko :thumb133636117: My life as a teenage robot by lithiumboy

all you guys have such unique and cool styles that need to be seen by people! all your hard work is meant to be appreciated! :la: you guys did an awesome job on all these pics of Jenny :clap: keep drawing more and more! you'll only get much better! ;)

well I hope you all loved the display of works! please visit these artists and show em some appreciation for their art! :D
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Thank you that there are those things about Jenny
TheGasMaster4381 Dec 30, 2010  Student Traditional Artist
Your welcome!! :hug: which things about Jenny do you mean? :la:
Thank you for not putting up anime Jenny!
TheGasMaster4381 Aug 1, 2010  Student Traditional Artist
LOL! Your welcome budd!! :hug: The anime Jenny is cool imo but my fave is also the original cause she looks normal that way :nod: By the way, Welcome to dA!! :wave: your a fan of Jenny as well? :excited:
Yep lol. Just became one like a week ago lol. I love the show very much ^_^.
Thanks so much for the feature! Sorry for the late reply.. I haven't been keeping up with DA much.. ^^;
TheGasMaster4381 Jul 28, 2010  Student Traditional Artist
Your very welcome budd!! :la: and no worries on the late reply! ;) I've been getting behind on dA lately as well D:
Captain-Paulo Jun 20, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for include my job^^
TheGasMaster4381 Jun 21, 2010  Student Traditional Artist
Your welcome budd!! :glomp: thank you for your hard work! :la:
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